January 2023



Milk Coffee Candy


I don’t drink coffee. I don’t understand why people would want to drink something so bitter. I’ve heard the caffeine argument, but I’m pretty sure there are much tastier ways to get your daily dose. It's probably a surprise to see that I've picked out a coffee flavoured candy to review. First of all I like to test my flavour boundaries, explore flavours that I "don't like" and see if there's some version that I might actually like. However the real reason I bought these is because I mistook the cup of brown liquid on the package for hot chocolate.

Here's the strange thing, these actually have a kind of hot chocolate flavour. I understand that the flavour of coffee and the flavour of cocoa are fairly similar, so that's likely why I got a hot chocolate flavour. It's also likely that the amount of sugar and cream flavour of this candy dulled the bitterness that often accompanies coffee. So I might have picked up this candy because I misread the package, but as it turns out it actually did test my flavour boundaries, and allowed to me to explore a flavour that I "don't like". Even better, I don't mind these at all, so I've actually found a coffee flavoured candy that works for me.

Look at me, I'm growing as a person, and as a Candy Critic. While I wouldn't recommend people like me who don't like coffee, to go running out to get these. I will say that they're not bad, and if you're offered one it might be worth a shot. For those of you out there who like coffee, I'm not sure if you'll like these. There's no real bitterness, and it tastes more like a strange cup of hot cocoa than a real cup of coffee.