M - Asia - Unique

Milk Tablet "Sweetened Flavour"


Taste: 3

Texture: 1

Novelty: 1.5

All scores out of 5

I find it odd that in Asia, and maybe other parts of the world too, but in Asia I've found a certain trend in very plain looking candy. For me candy is not only a reward for the mouth, but it should also be a reward for the eyes. I know this is a cliche used by many chefs, but in the world of candy looks are very important. The thing is, there's a small group of Asian candies that just seem to throw this idea away completely, and these are a great example of this trend. What you get in this envelope is a small pale yellow disk (unlike what the package portrays as a white disks). Even though the disks have little pictures of cows on them, they're totally unimpressive.

The only thing noteworthy of these disks is the smell. They smell like condensed milk. These also taste like condensed milk as well, and I guess that's not a bad thing. It's a unique flavour that we don't find often in Western candies, but it's a flavour that if I did find it often, I wouldn’t be a big fan. The good thing about this candy so far, is that although boring in appearance, they pretty much deliver what you'd expect.

There is one area however that these candies are both a little surprising, and kind of awful, that's texture. The basic texture is similar to those chewable, orange flavoured vitamin pills, not bad, but nothing too horrible. The problem is that after biting into these disks, somehow all of the moisture is pulled out of your mouth. They react similar to spoonfuls of cinnamon powder (which is something you shouldn't eat). Cinnamon actually pulls moisture out of your mouth and makes your mouth very dry, that's why the cinnamon challenge fails so often. These don't take as much moisture out of your mouth as spoonful of cinnamon, but the more you eat, the more dry your mouth gets.