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Calling this bar a Kit Kat clone might be a little harsh. I would probably describe it as very influenced by the Kit Kat bar, or a Kit Kat cousin. I’m willing to bet that whomever invented this bar started with a Kit Kat bar, but there were a few attempts to make different, but also a goal of making it kind of similar too. The similarity is pretty obvious, it’s a wafer bar made up of multiple fingers. I would guess that the fingers are pretty close to the exact same size as the average Kit Kat bar. The basic makeup of the bar is very close to the Kit Kat bar, but there are a few slight differences.

The main difference is the fact that there’s a wafer at the bottom of the bar. Where a Kit Kat bar is connected with chocolate, this Leo bar is connected with a wafer. Each finger consists of several wafers stacked up to one giant wafer at the bottom that connects all of the fingers together. Speaking of wafers, I feel like these wafers are a little thicker and more airy than the Kit Kat wafers. These thicker wafers make the crunch a little different than the Kit Kat crunch, but I’m not sure if I would define it as worse.

The final, and I believe most important difference is the chocolate used on this bar. Milka chocolate is a much creamier chocolate than the chocolate most often used in Kit Kat bars. I say most often because I’m a firm believer that Kit Kat bars change depending on where you get them, and the chocolate is the biggest difference. While Kit Kat claims to use milk chocolate, Milka chocolate is like super milky chocolate. I’m glad they used their own chocolate, instead of just trying to copy the Kit Kat chocolate. While the wafers do show some signs of originality, the fact that they use their own chocolate is a more important difference.

If you’re a Kit Kat fan, you might want to give this bar a try, if for nothing else than to see how a Kit Kat can be different. For those out there not obsessed with Kit Kat bar details, then you might find this bar to be a little too close. If you’re craving a Kit Kat bar type of treat you’ll be happy, if you want something unique you might be disappointed.