January 2023

Milka "Milk Chocolate"


This is one of the best examples of simple milk chocolate that you can buy at many stores in various parts of the world. The emphasis should be on the word “milk”. While some milk chocolates strike the balance between the chocolate and milk, this bar leans heavier on the milk. That’s not to say that this makes this a lesser quality milk chocolate bar, it just means that it’s very creamy. Considering the bar is called “Milka” and there’s a picture of a cow on it, it’s not surprising that it would be milk heavy.

I guess some people might argue that it’s not a very interesting bar of milk chocolate. Even the Milka brand offers bars with this same chocolate filled with nuts, berries and other fun ingredients. This has none of that, and I think that’s okay. I find when I’m eating a bar of pure chocolate, milk, dark or white, it makes me think a little more about the chocolate itself. I feel like if I ate this bar filled with nuts and fruit, I wouldn’t notice the fact that’s it’s a very creamy bar. In some ways eating a bar like this makes me think about what “good” chocolate is. Some might argue that quality and quantity of cocoa are what makes a chocolate bar, but after eating this bar I disagree.

I feel like there are lots of options out there when it comes to chocolate. I also feel like there’s not a golden ratio when it comes to milk and cocoa in chocolate chocolate. While some people might fault this bar for being creamier, I like it. I also like a nice quality dark chocolate as well, they’re different beasts but equal in enjoyment.