January 2023



Milka "Daim"


This is a good chocolate bar. It’s not the best chocolate bar I’ve ever eaten, or the most unique, but it is good. I always have a problem writing reviews for treats like this because while I enjoyed eating this bar, I didn’t feel anything that strongly for or against it. It’s a creamy milk chocolate bar with pieces of toffee in it. I’ve eaten many bars similar, and I will eat more again in the future. I imagine that most people that eat this bar are looking for a safe treat, and that’s what they get.

It’s a basic bar, I’d even go so far as to call it a little boring. The only unique thing about it is the Milka chocolate, which is traditionally a little creamier than most chocolate bars. If you like dark chocolate over milk chocolate, you’ll hate this bar. I guess the “Daim” aspect of this bar is a little disappointing. Daim is a really nice toffee that I’ve had in cakes and other treats in the past. It’s most notable as the toffee you often find at IKEA. I feel like the ultra smooth chocolate of the Milka bar could have used a little more Daim. There was plenty of crunchy texture, but I feel like the flavour of the Daim was a little lost to the chocolate. I would have been happy with more crunch and a stronger flavour. In some ways this bar reflects the package very well, the Milka is written in large letters and the Daim is a small accent on the side.

This is a good chocolate bar, if you see it and you’re craving a nice milk chocolate bar with a little crunch you wont be disappointed. I was not disappointed when I ate this bar, I just feel like it could have been a little better, or at the very least a little bit towards my personal taste.