Milk Chocolate Bun "Maple & Roasted Peanut"


This treat wasn't really that impressive, it was lacking something, and it just wasn't really that spectacular. While I feel like there’s something missing, something not very interesting about this treat, the Milk Chocolate Bun does do something really well; it has two distinct flavours as you eat it. As I bit into it, I got a mouthful of chocolate and peanuts. Then as a kept chewing I started to get the hint of maple. The flavour change from peanut and chocolate to maple is very gradual, but it is there. The problem though is that the maple is so weak I just got a hint of it as I was getting ready to take another bite. Then when I took my second bite, nothing, that hint of maple was gone.

Maybe it's because I'm Canadian and am passionate about maple candies, but this treat was really lacking in that department. What made it even worse was that there was just a tease of what it could have been. I think this treat would have worked so much better if the maple flavour was a lot stronger. The thing is, they would have to give it that strong maple flavour without killing off the peanut and chocolate. It would be a real challenge, but I think it would improve this treat a great deal.

The peanuts and chocolate were okay but I've tasted hundreds of peanut and chocolate clusters in my life and this isn't one of the best. By simply adding that stronger hint of maple that creeps up on you, they would at the very least have an innovative idea.