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Pocky Milk


Taste: 4

Texture: 5

Novelty: 1.5

All scores out of 5

January 18 2009

What can I possibly say about Pocky that I already haven't said about a million times... well it felt like a million times. See the cool thing about Pocky is it's a new candy; well it's not really that new, in fact some places around the world have had Pocky for a really long time. It is kind of a new global treat, and it's one of the few treats that I don't mind the variety offered, this leads me to this particular variety of Pocky.

Milk flavour is always a bit of a mystery to me, mainly because I don't think milk really has that strong a flavour, or at least that memorable. If I had to compare this flavour to anything I'd have to say it's kind of a vanilla white chocolate. I could describe the taste as creamy so I guess as a "milk" flavoured product it does pretty well.

I also want to add how cool the cow on the front of the box is. Nothing is stranger than seeing a cow with a glass of milk, even though if you think about it that makes more sense than a person drinking (cows) milk. It's another score for the folks at Glico, sure it's not overly creative or anything, but it's pretty yummy.