Charge Pop "Lemon"


This lollipop could be seen as an average lemon lollipop except for two very distinct features. The first, and most obvious feature is the shape. It's in the shape of a little girl's head. That's only a little weird considering the brand that puts it out, Fujiya. This little girl, depicted on the package as well, is the mascot for the Fujiya company, and she seems to appear on many of their candies, or at the very least their packages. So while it was a little weird sucking on a little girl's head, it wasn't totally unexpected.

The second distinct feature of this candy was the part that was really weird. The minute I put this lollipop in my mouth I noticed something really strange about the flavour. It was fairly sweet, and it had a lemon flavour that might have had a bit of sour as well, but there was also a third flavour that took a while for me to figure out. At first it felt like there was a slight creamy flavour to this lollipop. I thought that this creamy flavour had something to do with an outer coating and that it would eventually turn completely into a sweet lemon eventually. After the first minute or two, the strange flavour was still there, and it really started to puzzle me.

As I continued to suck on this lollipop I realized that this creamy flavour might have actually been more of a salty flavour than creamy. The further along I went the saltier this flavour seemed to become. I was a little baffled about this at first, but then I started to think about it a little. There is a bit of connection between salt and lemon, particularly in those of us who have taken tequila shots. So it didn't seem completely out of left field, although it was a little weird for a candy.

The reason this salty flavour didn't ruin this lollipop is because of the balance of flavours that this candy had. It was very equal parts sweet, lemon and salty. The only part that could have been a little stronger would have been the sour. I'm thinking the salty and sweet might have canceled the sour out. I can't say that everyone is going to love this lollipop, but I enjoyed it for the rather strange flavour.

Suck Time: 10 min