Milky Way "Crispy Rolls"


I'm always interested in the way that some packages depict what might be inside. Now this package may look pretty innocent, but take a closer look. It's a chocolate bar with wheat surrounding it. Is that implying that there's something nutritious inside this bar. Sure, to some the idea of nutrition is a selling point, but to me that says that I might be about to eat a bunch of chocolate covered granola. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with granola, it's just that when I want a chocolate bar, I want a chocolate bar I don't want a granola bar. I eat notoriously, I just don’t want my candy to pretend to be healthy.

The good news for me is that it's really just a misleading package. This might not be so good for people who stumble across this bar and think that they might be able to eat a Milky Way Crisp Roll and lose weight. Maybe the wheat is just implying that there's some kind of cookie like substance in this bar.

There is a cookie like substance, and it is not granola which is good. This cookie substance actually does a great job of hiding a bunch of yummy cream. It hides it long enough for it to burst right out when you break through creating a pretty good experience. The cream is also fantastic, the chocolate is... well it’s European chocolate, and it can't really go wrong. The cookie is just nice, not too thick and not too thin.

Basically, the only fault of this bar is that it's not very big and I could have used a whole lot more of this yummy treat. I guess it would have also been great if it was healthy, but that’s not likely.