Milky Chocolate


What can I say about Fujiya except it's quickly becoming one of my favorite line of Asian treats. Fujiya is particularly well known for creamy pastries, but they also make a few candy treats as well. The good thing about any Fujiya treat the is that the cream is absolutely fantastic. The cream in Fujiya's treats can best be described as a smooth sweet cheese. The bad news is they don't always do a great job with the other parts of the treat.

This bar is a pretty good example of the good cream but bad other stuff principle. The creamy center of each of these little squares is great, it's a little softer than many other Fujiya treats, but the taste is dead on. It's smooth, creamy and sweet. It makes me happy just to think about it and makes me sad to realize I just ate my last square. The chocolate on the other hand is only OK, and that's really a shame. It's a little waxy and not very chocolaty.

I'm not really sure if this is done on purpose to enhance the creamy centers flavour, as a strong chocolate may take away from that. Unfortunately, I'm thinking it's done to keep these chocolate bars inexpensive, and that makes me sad. I'd love to see these Milky Chocolate squares with a better quality chocolate, I really think a stronger chocolate flavour would work well with these and only enhance that creamy centers flavour. Till then I’ll jus suck the cream out of the squares, and enjoy it on it’s own.