Mini Cola


I have to say that this candy delivered almost exactly what I thought it would. It's a small plastic container that, shaking it tells you that it's full of tiny little hard candies. I assumed from the package that these tiny little candies would taste like cola, and they do. While the package seems fairly simple, it's actually pretty close to looking like a real cola can, only shrunk down. Even the little ring you pull to open the top, opens up like a real cola can, at least one from the nineteen eighties.

Flavour wise these do deliver a pretty good cola flavour, with a slight added bonus for some. I probably wouldn't call these simply cola flavoured, instead I would say that they taste more like cherry cola. For some this might be disappointing, but for me it's an awesome surprise, since I adore cherry cola. I guess you could say that the package is misleading, but in my opinion it's misleading in a tasty way, so I can forgive it. The shape of the candies is nothing spectacular, small little round nuggets of pressed powder and sugar. It's nothing creative, but with the package it just seems to work fairly well.

It's hard to say if creatively this candy is either really boring or really creative. It delivers on its cola promise; the package is kind of fun as well. The candies don't do anything other than taste like cola, which could be a good thing. I guess I'm a little stuck, I feel like this candy delivered exactly what it said it would, but I also feel like it could have delivered more. Even with the extra cherry flavour, I guess I was just hoping for something more to surprise me.