Small (Mini) Melon Bread Cookies


I love melon bread. I’m generally not a fan of most melons (water melon being the main exception), and more so melon flavoured things. The thing I find about melon bread is that they don’t taste of melon at all. I don’t really know if there is any melon in a melon bread, and if there isn’t how they got the name. All I know is that every time I’m in Japan (or any other place that makes good melon bread), I gorge myself on them. Even writing about melon buns has inspired me to look up the recipe when I’m finished writing this review and learning how to make them myself. That way I can die a happy and very fat man.

The reason I love melon buns is vast, the texture is soft and fluffy on the inside and just crunchy enough on the outside. There’s a certain sweet crunchy coating on the outside that I love. The flavour is also really great, it’s super buttery, almost like shortbread. This last fact brings us to the cookies we’re reviewing. That’s because these are not just really small melon bread buns, these are cookies themed like melon bread. The main flavour of melon bread is like shortbread, and since these are hard cookies, they just feel like eating shortbread cookies. The wonderful textures of melon bread are completely lost on this treat because it’s just a hard cookie.

This would be ok if that was all that was wrong, but there’s one other feature about these cookies that I don’t like, they kind of taste like melon. I know that sounds like a weird complaint, but it’s not something I’m used to dealing with when I eat melon bread. Also, as you read earlier, I’m not a huge fan of melon flavoured anything. What should have been a cute, but only slightly not as good cookie idea was a bigger let down than I thought it would. It also made me wonder, why not just make little melon bread buns instead of cookies? It would be both cute, and possibly on par with the original. Making them cookies, and giving them a stronger melon flavour (with a melon aftertaste) just doesn’t make sense to me.