Chocolate Sushi Rice


I love an adventure. I've found a way to keep the Candy Critic mind fresh is by exploring a new types of candy sensations. It comes in the form of Japanese penny candy (Degashi). Basically, it's small little treats that don't cost more than 10 yen (that's about 10 cents) and often either has no writing or only Japanese writing on it. I've found that often these treats are not obvious as to what you might be eating. They also are often found with strange warning signs such as a fish or samurai printed on the package. The adventure of buying these and opening them up is totally awesome.

The theme of these particular treats as far as I can tell is sushi (yup figured that out on my own). What you seem to get inside is a little glob of chocolate that's supposed to be the rice (that's my best guess), and the package is supposed to represent the sushi toping. Sure, it may not seem like fun to North American kids but in Japan I'm sure it's the bee's knees. I imagine that this could be pretty cool playtime, with your food, for the average young Japanese kid.

The problem with me comes with the quality and taste of the chocolate. Basically, it's so waxy you wouldn't believe it, in fact I couldn't taste any chocolate not matter how hard I tried. In fact, I had trouble tasting anything until the very end where it came out a little musty (like old chocolate gone bad). It was a little disappointing, but I guess I can't expect much with such novelty at such a low price.