Mini Eggs "Canadian"


The fun in eating these chocolate Mini Eggs is the fact that they look like little eggs from the rare Chocosparrow (a bird I just made up). This fictional bird is native to small islands on the coast of Laos, these birds are made of chocolate and taste they taste yummy. While the population was almost wiped out many years ago, it was later discovered that the eggs are even tastier than the birds themselves (they have a higher cocoa content). So, through cautious farming, the Chocosparrow eventually began to flourish, and a steady farming industry was born for the inhabitants of this island, harvesting the eggs (in a sustainable way).

All joking aside. the thing I really like about these eggs is the attention to detail. First of all, the chocolate is great; smooth and tasty, just the way chocolate should be and just what you expect from Cadbury. The shell similar to an M&M but is a little thicker, that's good because with more chocolate a heavier shell balances these Mini Eggs off just right. A good ratio of chocolate to shell is the key to this kind of candy working out. I also love the crunch sound I get when I bite into them, it’s very satisfying and the small bits of candy blend well with the chocolate.

I guess the colours are okay as well, for an Easter treat. They’re not too bright, and look a little bit like they could be eggs from a strange foreign bird. If the Easter Bunny leaves you a bag of these this Easter, you’re certainly in luck.