Mentos "Mint"


I don't really understand the appeal of Mentos, actually I don't really understand the appeal of mints in general. Growing up I always associated mints with bad breath, but that couldn’t possibly account for keeping so many different mint candies around. If all that mints were made for was to freshen bad breath, then I don't think that this many brands of mints would exist. There must be some people who simply enjoy the flavour and cool sensation of sucking on mint, unfortunately I'm not one of those people.

It's not that hate mints, I just don't love them. Probably the only time I feel that mint improves something is with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Mentos are a fine example of a mint, they're cool, flavourful, and even have a fascinating texture. Their crunchy exterior and chewy center allow you to suck for a few minutes, then when you're getting a little frustrated you can bite down on a soft chewy center. The mint flavour also comes out fairly quickly. You don't have to get through any kind of shell for the mint to come through, pretty quickly the shell releases a nice cool flavour, and the chewy center keeps it coming.

I don't think I'll ever "love" mints, but I certainly do enjoy them enough. I can't say I'd ever buy a pack of Mentos, but I appreciate it when I'm given them, mostly at restaurants. They're particularly nice when I'm eating really stinky food.