Mint Caramel

Village Treats

This particular review is going to need a little explaining. First of all, the picture sucks. I say this because I normally try and take the best pictures of these fine snacks that I can but in this case, this treat melted a little in the bag before I could get the snap shot. I decided to take the picture anyways even thought for a while I thought about just not reviewing this Mint Caramel and just eating it (a rare experience for me). Even after taking this crappy picture, I still wasn't sure that I was going to do the review until I could see how the picture turned out. As it turns out it came out pretty lousy, so I was all ready to skip this review. Then while going through my other photos of some of the other candy I was going to review, I took a bite of this chocolate. I knew immediately that this candy was not going to go without a review. So, as you can see the crummy melted picture is up, and here's the review.

I’m sure that you can imagine that if a candy was to affect me this seriously, it was either going to be very good or very bad. Yum, that's what I have to say. This chocolate is awesome. I love caramel and I'm pretty good with the chocolate and mint mix too. This chocolate takes both of these, smashes them together and makes a square only the gods themselves should be able to eat. This little square put a smile on my face, and even convinced me to write a whole paragraph excusing my photography short comings (read above). A minty chewy square should not do that to any person, much less someone whose life it is to eat candies.

I guess what I'm saying is this treat is pretty fine. I'm thinking this might be one of the best-boxed chocolates I've ever eaten. Oh, the sun is shining today my friend, but the clouds will be out tomorrow, because I only bought one. This is my only regret, I should have bought more, many more. I would consider never eating any other candy again, if each sweet bite that I consume is this amazing little square… although I would miss British Kit Kat bars.