Mint Crisp Bar


This is what chocolate and mint are meant to be like when combined. It’s not only that this bar has a great quality chocolate, or that the ratio of mint to chocolate is perfect. I particularly like the fact that the mint seems to be in these great little crunch (or crisps) bits throughout the bar. Objectively mint and chocolate is a strange combination, the fact that the mint is found in these random little crisps makes it even weirder, but it works. If you really think about it, it makes for an unusual pairing, and I really can't figure out why it's so good, but on every bite, it suckers me into tasty bliss.

One thing about this bar is the fact that it’s a foreign chocolate bar. While things have improved, and it’s not always the case, I often find that many other countries seem to make their mass-produced chocolate so much better than in North America. This bar is a prime example of this, and the fact that they managed to balance out the ingredients so well make the chocolate even better. If you can get your hands on this bar, you will know exactly why North American chocolate bars aren’t nearly as good as the one found in other places around the world.

The only reason you might not like this bar is if you really hate the combination of mint and chocolate together. I know these people exist, but I’ll never understand them. However, if you like chocolate mint, this bar is sure to satisfy.