November 2022

Miss Vickie's "Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar"

Miss Vickie's

This might be the best salt and vinegar chip ever. The fact that salt and vinegar is my favourite flavour of potato chips might lead to the fact that these could be the best potato chips ever as well. I’ve been eating Miss Vickies salt and vinegar potato chips for as long as they’ve been out, but on this rare occasion I feel like nostalgia doesn’t play as big a roll in my love for these chips. I do have a soft spot for them, but I also believe that objectively they still hold up. I would say that even though I’ve been a fan for a very long time, if I was to eat them for the first time I’d still say they’re a very good potato chip.

One thing I thought about recently was the fact that I’ve been doing this site for many years, and still hadn’t reviewed these amazing potato chips. I gave this fact some thought and wondered why. Could it be that if I ate these chips and really thought about them that I’d find fault? Then, after some deliberation I realized the problem. Every time I get a bag of these chips two thoughts cross my mind. The first is the fact that I really want to eat them. Because of this thought, the next thing I plant in my brain is the idea that I’ve probably already reviewed them (which I had not). Once I convinced myself I’d likely already reviewed these amazing chips, I rip into the bag and let my mouth enjoy the ultimate salty and vinegar delight.

So why are these chips so great? The first thing you notice is the strong flavour. The minute you open the bag there’s no doubt that they’re both salty and vinegary. The smell even has a great vinegar bite. The flavour does not disappoint once you bite into your first chip either. It is a fairly strong salt and vinegar flavour, so if that’s not your thing, you may not love these as much as I do. The great thing is that while the flavours are strong, they’re well balanced. It’s also important to note that the potato plays a big roll too, the flavour of potato is not missing at all. The potato also provides a really great texture. It’s much crunchier than most chips, and gives you such satisfaction on each bit.

If I was to find fault with these chips it would be the fact that salt and vinegar is not a new potato chip flavour idea. While this could be seen as a fault, Miss Vickies makes up for it by simply making this classic chip better than anyone else. So unless you hate salt and vinegar chips, you’ll likely enjoy these immensely.