February 2024










Ghost Pepper Black Crisps

Mister Potato

This is going to be a hard review to write. How you feel about these chips depends greatly on how you feel about the current trend of super spicy foods. I don’t have anything against it, but I don’t totally love it either. Most notably I’m not that great with spicy foods. I’ve been getting better, but I’m still not a big spicy food eater. I also don’t understand foods that are spicy for spicy sake. As I’ve grown to accept spicier foods, I’ve learned that some spicy foods come with a really nice flavour to back it up. However, I’ve also discovered that some spicy foods are just spicy for spicy sake. Most of the time these spicy foods are also super spicy with no real flavour to back it up.

This is where I feel these chips fall. The packaging is kind of an indicator of this. It’s covered in hot iconography and there’s weird expressions like “black flaming spicy madness” on the package. There’s even encouragement to take a spicy challenge and post it on social media (as I’ve kind of done). When I see things like this I often assume that I’m in for a snack that’s spicy for no other reason than to be daring. I’m probably not going to get a nice curry flavour, or some kind of mole aftertaste. Chances are I’m just going to be blown away by spice and disappointed with the flavour.

The package in this case did not mislead. Fortunately there is a brief second before the heat turns up where I most certainly taste the chip. I would best describe it as a plain Pringles like chip, kind of fake with a hint of potato. The heat is fairly intense, but I’ve had hotter. I managed a couple of chips before I decided to stop, but I stopped more out of discomfort than real intense pain. I would imagine that someone who’s really into super hot foods would be able to take this heat no problem.

I can’t say I was expecting an amazing snack, and frankly I’m not really sure why I even bought these. I think the fact that they’re black was the most appealing thing about them. I guess if you’re one of those people who likes hot foods for the sake of the heat, rather than taste, you’ll probably be okay with these. Depending on your threshold for heat pain however, you might be disappointed that they’re not hot enough.