February 2023

Mister Potato Crisps "Sweet Potato"


The amount that you’ll enjoy these chips depends greatly on how much you like plain Pringles chips. It’s pretty obvious from the package that these are a simple rip off of Pringles chips, the can is the first giveaway. Once you open them up you’re presented with a chip that’s also exactly the same shape as a Pringles chip, although it might be a little smaller. The only real difference is that as far as I know Pringles has never used anything but standard white potatoes for their chips. I have to give credit to Mamee (and a few of the other companies ripping off Pringles), while the design is the same, they do have some unique flavours. Most of the time when I see snack companies ripping off other snack companies, they just produce a (often lower quality) copy of the original flavour, design and all.

I will say that these do taste like sweet potato. There is a sweet taste that hits you and it sticks around. Unfortunately it’s not the only flavour. Depending on where you fall on the love or hate Pringles fence, there is a unique flavour that Pringles have, and some people love it while others hate it. These have that same “manufactured” flavour, and it does stick out from the flavour of he sweet potato. There’s also a nice salty flavour that balances the sweet a little, but it’s not as powerful as that strange Pringles like chemical flavour. The sweet potato is definitely the dominant flavour, but that manufactured flavour is still very strong.

I’m generally not a huge fan of plain Pringles chips. I don’t mind some of the flavoured chips because the flavouring often masks that manufactured Pringles flavour. While these do have an interesting unique flavour, it just doesn’t cover up that manufactured Pringles flavour enough. It’s a fun treat to try, but if you’re not a Pringles fan, you’re not going to like these at all.