M-Joy "Hele Hazelnoten"


I can't tell you why, but I truly believe that hazelnuts are one of the best nuts to mix with milk chocolate. All of those who disagree with me should remember the time you went to the grocery store and bought a loaf of bread and a giant jar of Nutella (for some of you, that was yesterday). The thing is, this nut not only works pureed into a pulp and mixed with a chocolate spread. It also works as whole or pieces because it adds such a glorious crunch to chocolate. This M-Joy bar is additional proof of how nice the two ingredients are together.

This is truly a great example, and a big reason why this bar works is the high quality of chocolate that the folks at Milka have used. I've said it a million times and I'm saying it again; European chocolate is truly a great thing. I'm not just talking about the high-quality chocolates either, this bar is something you'd find at your average store in Europe and it blows away even some of the higher end bars here in North America and Asia. Europe just knows how to make mass produced chocolate better than almost anywhere else.

Not only is the chocolate great, but I also like the fact that the hazelnuts are whole. Crunching into a full hazelnut is strangely satisfying, and seems to put a smile on my face. There’s a certain crunch that only hazelnuts have that works so well with the smooth chocolate of this bar. On a side note I also enjoy the flying nuts on the package, it adds an element of danger. It's as if these giant Hazelnuts are heading for that defenceless cow on the package. Oh, the humanity, but it’s fine since it’s such a great tasting bar.