E. Wedel Czekolada Mleczna Toffi

E. Wedel

This bar deals with an interesting problem I've seen other candy companies attempt to solve. Some candy companies that produce bars that have a caramel filling, will try to create a variant by adding something else either a flavour or a texture to the caramel. I can tell you by experience, most of the time mixing things with caramel creates a giant failure of a chocolate bar. This treat mixes caramel with another flavour and texture, however it is no failure.

In fact, this is one of very few bars I've ever eaten in my entire life that has added something to a caramel filled bar that improves the caramel flavour. The extra addition is a thin layer of milky cream. The main reason this milky cream works has to do with the quality of the ingredients, as well as the proportion of these ingredients.

The chocolate in this bar is spectacular; it's even inspired a new way for me to judge the quality of milk chocolate. From here on in I'm going to look at my finger whenever I eat milk chocolate at room temperature. If there is a thin coat of chocolate on them, it's good stuff. The caramel in this bar is also of high quality; the flavour is nice and strong and even has a slight burnt flavour. This is good, because that strong flavour works with the creamy extra milky layer so well. It's as if you're eating a super creamy caramel covered in chocolate.