M&M's "Peanut"


You may have noticed that up to this point M&M's is a treat I still haven't reviewed, it's not that I've been avoiding them I've just been stuck in a moral dilemma. This can happen when I’m presented with a classic snack that has several variations. So, I’m left wondering, which M&Ms should I try? I find myself going up to the counter at my local corner store and I'm always barraged with at least three varieties, being a little slow, three choices can blow my mind. So, after getting a convincing e-mail from a loyal candy fanatic (thanks Bill), I've decided to go the route of the peanut M&M. I’m sure I’ll try the others later on, but I think the peanut is a good way to start.

I have to say I think peanut M&Ms was a good choice to start with. With the added texture of a crunchy legume (as you know peanuts are not nuts) this treat is mighty fine. There’s just something nice about biting through that crunch candy shell, through the soft chocolate, and into the crunchy peanut. While the shell and the peanut could both be considered “crunchy”, they’re also a different enough to make it interesting. The chocolate adds an even nicer contrast, and a really nice smooth flavour.

This is one of those treats that with all of that practice Mars has had making them, they really seemed to master this treat. The balance is nice, the peanuts are fresh and the chocolate is of decent quality. M&M's is a classic for all of the right reasons, and they really don't melt in your hands either.