M&M's "White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs"


Sometimes you get a variation of a treat that is so unique that it’s almost not a variation anymore but instead it’s something brand new. I would say that these lean more towards being something new rather than being an M&M. The difference has to do with the pretzel bits in the middle of each one of these bites. The pretzel is the star of the show with these, and the chocolate with candy coating is pretty secondary. To me the key part of an M&M is the chocolate and candy coating, so much so that the original version of an M&M was just chocolate and candy coating.

There are a few interesting features about these M&Ms that could be seen as defects, but frankly I love them. First of all the thickness of chocolate varies from candy to candy. You’ll notice the second you open the package that each candy is a different size and variation of chocolate thickness most certainly plays a part in this. The next feature is something I really couldn’t prove just eating these, but it felt like the pretzel centres might also be different sizes. If that’s true, that would also play a role in the size of each of these M&Ms, and it would be awesome. I think I just love the idea of getting something slightly different in each bite.

As I said before, the pretzel is the real leader in both taste and texture of this candy. The white chocolate only really provides a slightly creamy flavour to the pretzel, and the candy shell seems to focus on keeping my fingers clean. I feel like if you made the chocolate a little more flavourful, it might be a little bit more of an M&M and less like a coated pretzel. I’m not sure if a stronger flavoured chocolate would have improved this candy, but it would have made it feel more on brand.

Another interesting thing about this candy is how un-rich it is. I felt like since it was mostly air filled pretzel I could have eaten an entire large bag of these without getting too full. This once again makes it more of a pretzel snack, and less of an M&M, for better or for worse.