Maoam Kracher


This is not the first time I’ve ever eaten a Maoam candy, but it is the first time I’ve realized that Maoam is a whole line of candies. I’m not sure what feature ties them together, or if there’s anything in common. I’m also not sure if the name means anything other than being a strange palindrome. I also don’t really know what these particular Maoam candies are supposed to be besides sour and available in three flavours I can understand cola, apfel (apple), zitrone(lemon) and one I can’t himbeere.

The best way I can describe these is to compare them to an Easter egg candy. Around Easter in my neck of the woods Ontario Canada, there’s a candy egg that comes out every year that kind of looks and tastes like a giant jelly bean. The filling however feels a little more whipped than jelly, but not exactly marshmallow either. The filling in these Maoam Krachers are very similar, however the coating on the Easter eggs is harder and closer to a jelly bean where these have a fairly soft shell. They’re also only slightly more dense than the whipped but chewy centre.

Flavour wise these do have a slightly sour kick. It’s not so intense that it will knock your socks off, but it does gradually pick up the more you eat. I also feel like the apple and lemon ones are a bit more sour, but that could be my imagination. The flavour choices are fairly basic but tasty. I like a good lemon candy with a sour kick. Cola and sour actually works very well together, but I guess that makes sense considering how often you get a lemon twist in a glass of cola. Sour apple was probably my least favourite flavour of all of these, but I generally dislike fake apple flavours and this falls directly into that category. The himbeere is some kind of berry flavour and it’s very good, the sweet berry flavour smoothed out the sour a little as well.

I’m not sure I could eat an entire bag of these in one sitting, but I feel like eating a few at a time is a nice sour treat. I may give away the apple ones, but that’s a personal choice.