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Monster Garage

Cap Candy

Taste: .5

Texture: 1.5

Novelty: 3.5

All scores out of 5

Looking at this bag of treats you know one thing, you're buying it for the novelty. Sure, the candy might be ok, but if it's not, you know you're still going to get something cool. So did I get what I expected? Yep, I got a cool card with a picture of one of the Monster Garage creations on it, and best of all it moved when you tilted the card. Having said that, this site is not about card collecting, although if anybody has the hearse and would be willing to trade for the mail truck, I'm game.

So how was the candy? Well, when I opened the pack and saw the candy tools that came with the card, I was expecting that powedery candy type treat with little flavour. What I got was something similar except is was more brittle and had no flavour at all. I was also disappointed by the lack of colours. On the pack it had a whole range of colours, and I've seen this type of treat with a few, but I got just two, Orange and Pink. So the candy itself was a disapointment, although the shapes were fun, made me feel a little more masculine eating tools.