When I first started Candy Critic, I had general dislike for bars that contained mostly wafers. It's not that I didn't like wafers, it's just that I found many bars over did the wafer. As I've tasted more and more wafer-based bars, I've realized that I was wrong, there are in fact many great wafer bars available all over the world. At this point in my Candy Critic career I have a fairly neutral opinion of bars dominated by wafers. So, when I got this bar, I was ready to be opened minded on the whole situation.

Unfortunately, this bar is one of those treats that's going to go into the negative column when it comes to wafer-based bars. It fails in many of the areas that this kind of wafer treat often falters. The first, and biggest problem with this bar is the amount of wafer. The ratio of wafer to everything else in this bar is completely off. When I bit into the bar it was one of the driest crunches treats, I've ever experienced. Secondly, this bar failed in flavour, both in the weakness of the hazelnut cream and the chocolate, and in the overpowering flavour of the wafer. Finally, this bar failed in a place that many bars fail, the quality of the chocolate was really not up to par.

Using wafer as the main ingredient in a bar is not a simple task, it's very easy to mess up. While I'm starting to find many treats that are able to pull off the wafer bar, I'm still finding many, including this one, that just doesn't get it right at all.