So, it appears that not just small, cheap, candy companies are in the business of ripping off larger companies treats. Cadbury has gone and copied the classic Mars bar, but have they done it any better? I have to say that the answer is yes, but only a little bit better and only because they've increased the quality of the chocolate. I can see why they wouldn't change the recipe of the classic Mars bar, a thick layer of whipped nougat covered with a layer of caramel and then covered in chocolate, because frankly the Mars bar is a classic and it works. It’s been around for long enough to know that these ingredients at that ratio is a sure fire good bar.

So, you can’t really fault them for doing this... or can you? Although I would say kudos to them for making an already classic treat a little better. I also say “for shame” for ripping them off in the first place. I figure that Cadbury has the research capabilities to come up with great innovations (and they have in the past), but instead they chose to make something that's already been done by another candy company. I guess from a business standpoint it makes sense, make something that they know works with the public, but from a creative standpoint they score really low in my book.

At this point I'm not too worried about Cadbury doing this regularly, and dropping their creative streak. I would however like to send them a warning, be creative because you're good at it. If you stop being creative, you'll lose your loyal customers, starting with me.