Echte Salzburger Mozartkugeln


Four layers of stuff, that's what you find in this round chocolate. It's a chocolate that's supposed to represent the fine things in life. It's namesake (Mozart) is know as one of the finest classical musicians ever. He was also know as one of the great over indulgers with a passion for wine, women, and food. This chocolate coming from Austria is supposed to represent him. The four layers are to represent the many indulgences that a fine chocolate should offer.

I'm not saying my expectation were high, but one might imagine that this kind of chocolate should be unique and of a high quality. I'll give it credit in the unique aspects of this treat. To inspect the center of this treat, I decided to cut it in half first. What I found was four beautiful layers of sweet treats, a chocolate coating, a beige layer, a brown layer and a green layer. It was really a good looking chocolate.

The problem, unfortunately came down to what the different layers had to offer. The chocolate coating was OK, the chocolate could have been better, not that smooth and not that chocolaty. The next two layers, the beige and the brown, didn't really seen that different at all. At the very least the taste seemed very similar, and equally bland. The center, which I assume was a marzipan, was fine, but it was a little dry and it didn't really ad that much to the chocolate, other than a great green colour.

Maybe this is a chocolate that was never meant to be mass produced. I'm thinking that in the hands of a skilled chocolatier a hand made version of these would spectacular. As a mass-produced chocolate, the corners that were cut pretty much took this treat from great to mediocre.