Mr. Stache

Concord Confection

I don’t really get the appeal of wax candy treats of which this is one. I’ve seen a few in my day, but until now I’ve never really gotten around to reviewing them. This most likely because I’m not 100% sure that wax-based candies really are candy. In fact, for the most part wax is cheap filler in candy used to stretch expensive ingredients, and something I want to avoid. So, the idea of a treat made totally out of wax is honest, but not really appealing to me. The only reason I figured I’d give this is try is because I really like fake moustaches, probably because Allison won’t let me grow a real one.

The texture when you bite into Mr. Stache is pretty much what you might expect; it’s like biting into a candle. I actually have this as a reference due to a silly dare someone made me take when I was a kid. As you chew the wax the flavour does eventually come out a little, but it’s not that strong. It’s also not that sweet, which could be an advantage to those who find regular gum too sweet, and maybe the only redeeming factor of this candy.

The texture eventually gets kind of soft and for about 20 seconds it’s pretty good. The flavour becomes a little stronger and the texture although a little strange is somewhat soft. Then as quickly as is came, the flavour goes away, and you’re chewing on wax once again.