Mr. Tom


So, who is this “Mr. Tom”? Well from what I can tell, he is a man with fairly good taste in candy bars. and fairly bad taste in packaging the same candy bars. I am most disturbed by the many psychotic looking clowns featured on the package of this bar. I’m sure it’s all about giving it some kind of carnival theme, but it reminds me more of Stephen King's “It” than a fun carnival. I’m guessing the carnival theme is there to promote the peanuts, as for some reason peanuts are often associated with carnivals.

The bar itself is a pretty great success. It’s very simple in its design, peanuts coated in some kind of caramelized sugar and then hardened. The thing that makes this bar work is that this simple bar is done well. The crunchy caramel brittle type coating is thick enough to give it a little flavour, but thin enough not to be overpowering. The caramel is also cooked well enough to give a slight roasted flavour, but no so much as to be burnt. The peanuts are nice and fresh, and don’t taste at all rancid, that’s good because it helps with the great balance of flavour that this bar has.

The texture is nice and crunchy, doesn’t stick to my teeth either. I’m really happy with this treat and frankly surprised after being traumatized by the scary clowns on the package.