Rainbow Lollipop


As far as generic candy goes, this multicoloured lollipop is pretty much the king of the heap. There's nothing really that special about it at all, but there's something very familiar about it as well. Just about everybody I know is familiar with these lollipops, but I've never heard anybody say that it's their favorite candy. That probably why it took me so long to write this review, this candy is always around, but almost impossible to see.

The strangest thing about this lollipop is the colour, or more specifically the mishmash of colours. It really looks like someone took a bunch of broken lollipops and glues them together using some kind of white candy. I've never examined these with great detail, but I'm pretty sure each of these lollipops is completely different from the next. I'd be really interested in visiting a factory that makes these just to see how they do it.

As far as the taste goes, I would best describe it as a tutti fruity flavour. It's fruit like, but not specific to any one particular fruit (this is what we call in the candy world “tutti”). I think that works really well with the multicoloured look of this lollipop. I would imagine that if I was to lick a rainbow, it would probably be tutti fruity.

While it is a very generic candy, it is a very tasty generic candy. If you happen to be a doctor, dentist, or in any other profession where giving a lollipop at the end is in order, I'd recommend these. They're often inexpensive, they're easy to find, recognizable, and they taste OK.