June 2023









My My Carameli

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I’m not sure I have a great deal to say about this candy. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, in fact it was a pleasure to eat, it just didn’t really have anything remarkable about it. The flavour and texture were pretty basic, nothing that surprising at all. I have to admit, this kind of candy is really hard to write reviews for. It’s not a bad candy, but it’s not a great candy either, it’s just very average. I feel like I’ve eaten similar candies to this before, particularly in my grandmothers candy bowl.

Flavour wise I feel like it’s some kind of sweet cream. I would say it’s like a very creamy caramel flavour, but lacking that slightly burnt flavour you get with exceptional caramels. In some ways it just tasted like a sweetened milk as opposed to a caramel. I should note that although “carameli” is in its name, in some languages “caramel” or words like that actually just mean candy. So it’s totally possible that this is just a regular candy, but based on the fact that there’s a picture of a cow I believe I’ve hit the cream flavour right on.

Texture wise I was so sure. It certainly felt hard at first, but it did get softer the longer I kept it in my mouth. By the end of the treat it was downright chewy. It could be that the particular candy I got was stale, and it could have either been a soft candy that went a little hard on the outside or a hard candy that got a little soft on the inside. It could also be that it’s supposed to be harder on the outside than the inside, I just don’t know.

It’s not that I wouldn’t recommend this candy, in fact I feel like it’s the kind of candy that just about anyone with any kind of sweet tooth would probably be okay with. I just don’t feel like there’s anything particularly unique or special about this candy. I’d be happy enough if someone gave me one of these, but I feel like I’d probably want to pick something a little more unique if given the chance.