N - Europe - Ice Cream

Nacho Karamell


Taste: 3.5

Texture: 3.5

Novelty: 3.5

All scores out of 5

There is a slight misunderstanding going on between me and the creators of this ice cream treat. The first thing that threw me off is the name, "Nacho Karamell". Now I assume that since this is a German treat "Karamell" is how you spell "caramel". This was the simple part, the complicated part come with the word "Nacho". Now I'm not sure about the German language, but in English "Nacho refers to a type of corn chip often smothered in cheese and other stuff. Obviously by the package you can see that it is not made of corn chips, but instead a waffle. You can also see that the shape of the waffle vessel appears to be more of a Taco than a plate of Nachos. I'm not saying that this is wrong; I'm just pointing out a potential cultural difference at this point.

No matter what the package said, this treat was truly a joy to munch. I love the idea of food being served to look or feel like other food. In this case it was an amalgamation of taco and ice cream cone. The plan is to take the ingredients of an ice cream cone and deliver it like a taco. This method of ice cream delivery is a great success too.

The quality of the ingredients was a big part of the success as well. The waffle was nice and crunchy, the ice cream was smooth, the chocolate nut topping melted as you ate it and had a great cocoa flavour, and the caramel was nicely distributed throughout.

The only question that lingers in my mind is that I wonder if ice cream, caramel, and chocolate might also be tasty served on a plate of corn chips.