Tivoli Combo

Jack 'N Jill

This bar seems to promise three different fillings between two wafers and then covered in chocolate. The problem is that the package is completely illegible to me, so I have no idea what these fillings might be. I do however like the idea of multiple fillings in a wafer bar. Most of the time when you buy a wafer-based candy bar you only get one type of filling between the wafers, and on the rare occasion that you do get multiple fillings, they seem to separate them between more wafers. This might be the first time I’ve ever seen a wafer-based bar formatted like this.

After the first bite I realized why no one had tried this before. While the concept of having all these fillings together seems like a fine idea, it doesn’t really work. Once you bite into this bar everything kind of smooshes together. I couldn’t really taste any mix of fillings or flavours. All I could taste was creamy chocolate. I couldn’t differentiate any of the fillings, let alone tell you what they were.

Texture wise the only thing I got from the fillings was chewy. It basically felt like some kind of caramel like texture between two wafers. I kind of liked the texture, but it certainly didn’t feel like I was eating three different fillings. While this bar tasted fine, and the texture was unique, I’m not sure it delivered on three different fillings that was promised on the package.