Necco Wafer "Chocolate"


I'm at a bit of a loss here. If you were to have asked me my favourite Necco Wafer before eating these, I would have said chocolate. I remember being a kid and eating these up like crazy. I remember them having a pretty good fake chocolate flavour that I used to enjoy a lot. The thing is, these particular chocolate Necco Wafers had almost no flavour whatsoever. If I really thought hard while eating these, I might taste a slight chocolate tinge, but nothing like I remember when I was a kid.

This could mean several things, all equally possible. It could be that my tastes have changed. Since becoming the Candy Critic I've become a chocolate snob and these don't cut if for me. It could be that Necco has changed the recipe, and they've cut back on the chocolate flavour. It could also be that I received an especially old package of chocolate Necco Wafers and the flavour has drained out of them over time. (I should also mention that I did find one of the black Necco Wafers in this package, so quality control might be an issue).

All I can say is that based on this particular package of Necco Wafers, I can't recommend the chocolate. It was pretty much like eating a slightly chocolaty piece of chalk. Unlike many people, I actually like the texture of Necco Wafers, but without any flavour it's like eating plain Jell-O, just a bad texture and no fun at all. The flavour is key to making this texture work, without it it's just not right.