Necco Wafers


There are really two ways that I could look at this candy. I could look at it from the viewpoint of it being one of the oldest classic candies available in North America. A candy that's been around for so long, yet people still eat it. It's as if you're eating a piece of history. I could also look at this candy from the standpoint of them being a tube of very chalky disks. Rather than being a classic candy, it's a really old-fashioned candy with no frills at all, something my grandparents ate in the olden days. There's nothing in these candies that screams innovative.

Some of the candy purists would rather I looked at these as classics, but some of the young kids are probably wondering if these are some kind of joke. My opinion of these candies falls somewhere in the middle. There's no denying that these are not fancy candies, they look and feel like something that's been around for more than 100 years (literally it feels like you’re eating old rotten candy). Having said that, objectively they're not horrible either. While some of the flavours (the orange in particular) aren't great, the black (don't know what flavour it's supposed to be) and the pink (peppermint oddly enough) are pretty good.

The package calls these "an American Classic", but some might argue that it's a candy that needs updating. I think they're fine, but you're not missing much if you never try them.