Nerds "Grape/Strawberry"


I've always wanted to know who came up with the idea for Nerds. Who thought that small random globs of candy in a fruity flavour would work as a candy? Then the answer came to me in the bottom of another Wonka treat, I think it was some kind of hard shinny candy, maybe something like runts. I ate the box of these hard shiny candies, and sitting at the bottom was something that looked like a Nerd. This led me to believe that Nerds are the residue or mistake of another candy. If this is true and actually how Nerds were invented, happy accidents triumph again.

Nerds are a classic from the 80's that still hold up today. Even if they were the creation of a candy mistake, the candy itself is solid, and the marketing is perfect. One of the things that makes Nerds work is that they have a slight sour flavor, they’re not just overly sweet. Since you get two flavors per box, it also adds a bit of variety within each package, you really can't go wrong at all with the flavours they put together. That’s one of the joys of eating Nerds, you can eat each flavour on its own, or you can mix them up any way you like.

This is also a candy that for some reason you really don't see copied too much, because of this it holds its own in the originality category. I don’t really understand the name “Nerds”, but the candy has become such a classic that it doesn’t really matter. When I think of 80’s candies, Nerds are on the top of my list, both because they’re memorable, and because they still hold up today.