Butun Antep Fistikli


If this bar is any indication, a pistachio chocolate bar is never going to work. It's not that this bar was a complete failure, it worked in some ways and totally failed in others. I'm just not convinced that you can have just pistachios in a chocolate bar that works. I've had some bars that contain pistachios and other things that work, but now I'm sure it's because of the other elements rather than the pistachios alone.

Where this bar works is with the texture. The chocolate has a smooth texture that works very will with the somewhat crunchy pistachio nuts. If the chocolate was a little bit harder I think the nuts would have been lost, but smooth milk chocolate and the pistachio texture works perfectly. I also think that the number of pistachios (from a texture standpoint) is perfect. Had there been fewer nuts it wouldn't have had the nice balance; more nuts would have eradicated the smooth chocolate texture.

Where this bar doesn't work is with the flavour. Don't get me wrong, this bar tasted fine, but the fine taste came from the chocolate. The smooth milk chocolate used in this bar is not just smooth in texture, it had a really nice smooth milk chocolate flavour as well. The problem is from the nuts, they basically had very little to ad to the bar flavour wise. If I thought about it I would occasionally be given a slight pistachio aftertaste, but that was all. The pistachio is just such a subtle tasting nut that can easily be overpowered by other flavours, and in this case, it is with the milk chocolate.

Butun Antep Fistikli is a fine chocolate bar, but it's lacking in pistachio flavour that would have made this bar so much better. The problem is, I'm not really sure how you could improve upon it.