Nestlé Crunch "Caramel"


At first this candy bar seems like an oxymoron, the words “crunch” and “caramel” shouldn’t go together because caramel is not crunchy. So, you might at first, look at this bar as an impossibility, but here we are, and Nestlé has decided to try and put these two candy features together. That’s a pretty gutsy move Nestlé, let’s hope it works in your favour.

Upon taking a bite of this bar, it isn't that bad. The caramel to chocolate ratio is fairly well balanced, only the top portion of the bar actually has the caramel, while the bottom is solid chocolate with the classic Nestlé Crunch rice crisps. Because of the lesser amount of caramel, you don't really get that phlegmy feeling you can sometimes get with caramel bars. This bar is also not sickly sweet either. The rice crisps at the bottom of the bar are a nice addition as well; they give what would normally be a soft caramel bar a little bit of a different texture. The quality of the chocolate is pretty average but with the nice mix of caramel and rice crisps, this bar's not too bad.

I guess they managed to figure out how to give you one of the softest ingredients in the candy world, caramel, and give it a little crunch. It’s a fascinating blend.