Nik Naks Maize Snack "Original Cheese Flavour"


These cheezies are pretty good. The only mystery about these cheezies was that when I bought them, I wasn't entirely sure what they were. Nowhere on the package is the word cheezie, cheese puff, or anything familiar that would indicate that I was going to eat an inflated cheese product. It only says "maize snack", which with a bit of translation tells me there's corn involved, and not much else. My problem is that I rarely associate corn with cheese puffs. Had I given it more thought I might have figured it out, but considering I bought these at a gas station on the South African/Botswana border, my mind was on other things.

As for the cheezies themselves, they weren't my favourite cheezies ever, that crown still goes to Hawkins Cheezies, but these are easily in my top 3. They might even be my second favourite, though I'd have to have a bag of Cheetos next to these to be sure. The crunch was nice, it gave me something to sink my teeth into, and didn’t have too much air. The cheese flavour was just a little sharp, the way I like it. All around it was a fine cheese snack.

If the flavour and texture make these equal to Cheetos, the thing that might rank these over Cheetos would be the name. Nik Naks is a fun couple of words to say together.