February 2023








Nimm 2 Boomki


When people ask me what my favourite candy is, one of the answers I give is “something new and different”. I’ve been eating candy and writing about it for more than 20 years, so at this point it takes something pretty special to surprise me, particularly to surprise me with a smile on my face. This bag of candies did that. The package may look like it’s going to be your average fruit candy, but there’s something so unique about these chewy treats that I was totally blown away.

When I first opened the bag I didn’t even know what I was in for. There is not one word of English on the entire package, and not even a Polish word that I could maybe figure out and translate. My thought was that these would be simple fruit flavoured hard candies. Upon opening them I realized that they were in fact chewy candies, which made me pretty happy since at the time I wasn’t sure if I was really interested in eating a hard candy. The real magic of these candies happens when you bite into them.

In the centre of each little chewy ball is a gooey centre. This isn’t that unique a thing really, chewy candies or gum with a liquid centre is a fairly common thing. These however have unique extra feature that made me really happy to bite into them. It all stems from the package of most goo filled candies, including this one. On the package of this sort of candy there’s always a depiction of juice exploding all over the place. Every time you bite into a goo filled candy you’re really lucky if the goo drips, there’s never a blast of fruity goo, until now.

I feel like the texture of the chewy candy, which is sort of like a slightly dense Starburst, along with the amount of goo they put into the centre, creates the perfect pressure when you bite down. Each time you bite through one of these candies, the centre bursts out. It’s an intense enough burst that on many occasion people around you might even hear a pop. The first time I heard the pop and my mouth filled with fruity goo, I was so surprised and so happy.

All of the other features of this candy are fine. The flavour, texture of the taffy, and the portions are all okay, but this popping feature made me so happy. I think it’s because goo filled candies have been promising me a “burst” of flavour for so long, and only now has a candy delivered.