This bar represents something I totally hate in the candy world. I have many complaints about candy in general, if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t have enough content to fill this site. There is however one candy category that makes me more aggravated than any other, and this bar fits firmly into that category. This bar is a ripoff bar, a copycat of a well established bar that’s sold all over the world. This bar is a copy of a Snickers bar, but that’s not all.

Not only does this bar rip off one of the most popular bars in the world, but it rips it off poorly. The ingredients in this bar are nowhere near the quality of the Snickers bar. The chocolate was the worse offender, it was such a cheap chocolate that it flakes off the bar as I bite into it. The package was full of chocolate flakes after I finished this bar. While the chocolate was the worst offender, the peanuts were also pretty disappointing. The problem wasn’t the peanuts themselves, but it was the lack of peanuts throughout this bar.

The caramel and nougat was okay flavour wise, and easily the best part of this bar. The texture of these two elements was strangely similar though, which I thought was a little weird. I would normally expect the caramel to be a little softer than the nougat.

The fact that the ingredients of this Nockers bar are of a fairly low quality isn’t great. The fact that this is just a knockoff (I’m starting to see an irony in the name of this bar) isn’t great either. The fact that this is a low quality knockoff is downright horrible. Just once I’d like to see a rip-off of a classic candy bar where they would improve it.