N - Europe - Salty

Noshkes "Pizza"

Badatz Paskesz

Taste: 2

Texture: 4

Novelty: 2

All scores out of 5

At first I couldn't figure out what the deal was with these little wheels. Then I realized that they're probably supposed to look like little pizzas and I thought it was kind of clever. I also liked the shape because it gave these a unique texture that really put out a crunch. It's funny that some shapes can change the way something crunches. I can't however give all the credit to the shape for the crunch. The cracker/chip was really firm and not too full of air at all.

The flavour of these treats is ok. I've said it before but when it comes to "fake" pizza flavours I'm not really a big fan. For the most part I find that it's hard to replicate something so complicated so why even try. These snacks had loads of flavour on them too, they where just completely encrusted. I really think they could have gone a little lighter on it and they may have been better.