February 2023

Pistachio Nougat with Red and Green Jelly Layers


I feel like there’s something important about the colour of this candy. The layers of jelly feel like they’re representing a flag or something. It’s not too rare to have candy makers show off civic or national pride when creating candy, and stripes in a white nougat is a great way to do this. As I note, I bought this in the Middle East, so that would notionally be where this colour combination would have to be found if it is in fact representing a flag.

I can tell you that the jelly is not there to really give this nougat a particular flavour. I would describe both of these jelly layers and slightly fruity, but difficult to pin down exactly what fruit it’s trying to portray. I feel like the green and red each have a unique flavour, but I’d have a hard time pinning down what the flavour is supposed to be. Separately they’re not impressive, but with the nougat they actually add a very subtle fruity flavour. It doesn’t overpower, it just has a slightly different kind of sweetness. I will say that when I got a large amount of pistachio in a bite, the fruit flavour was almost completely covered up, but when it was little to no pistachio it was okay.

That is one thing about this treat, each bite was completely different depending on how much pistachio you consumed. I felt like I never got a completely balanced bite either. It was always a little fruity or very nutty, never both. I’ll also mention that the way this cube was cut, it was fairly challenging to get a bite with both jelly fruit stripes. In fact, I was only able to get all parts of this treat together on the first bite. After that it was too narrow to get a good balanced bite. That could be its advantage as each bite was unique, however if you really liked the idea of having both jellies in each bite you might be a little disappointed.