Cote D'Or

I think I might be developing a taste for nougat. In the past treats with mostly nougat really turned me off, but lately I've found a few that some of them aren't so bad. I think it has something to do with the fact that I’ve learned about the many different texture that nougat can offer. Some nougats are very soft and full of air. These are nougats that I generally don’t enjoy. They seem to bother me the same way that the texture of marshmallows bothers me. I also find that these whipped nougats are lacking in flavour. A good nougat should be a little bit dense, and while it might be a bit of a challenge to get through, it shouldn’t break any teeth.

Wait a minute, this Nougatti bar has a little surprise, nuts, hazel nuts to be precise. A good quality nougat can only benefit from a few crunchy nuts, and hazelnuts do have a really good crunch. The chocolate on this Nougatti isn't bad either. It’s not the highest-grade chocolate I’ve ever eaten, but it seems to work fairly well with the nuts and nougat flavour wise.

This bar has shown me that maybe I'm not as much developing a taste for nougat as much as I'm finding new treats with better quality nougat. The nougat has a few nuts and a nutty flavour, and most importantly the nougat isn't too soft or too hard. So today I not only ate a nice little bar with a funny name, but I also learned a little something about myself.