Candy Land

This is a nice little un-original chocolate bar. If you're looking for simplicity, and not interested in the "wow" factor, it's perfect for you. All you're getting here is a thin milk chocolate bar that melts in your mouth. It's simple, but it's done well

These kinds of chocolate bars are always the hardest reviews to write. While this bar is simple, it was a great pleasure to eat. The fact that it's so simple also leads to the fact that I've eaten many other bars very similar to this one. There was nothing unique about this bar, and that makes me wonder how much trouble the folks at Candy Land went into designing this bar. Did they formulate the chocolate, did they spend years coming up with the perfect fat to cocoa ratio, or did they just get the recipe from another candy company? There was just something so uncreative about this bar that it leads me to think that it's not fair to give the Novella a high review score.

The problem is that the chocolate was smooth and creamy. It melted just right on my fingers, and melted perfectly in my mouth. The size was great (although I've had many other bars exactly the same size and shape) it wasn't too much chocolate, and it was enough to leave me satisfied.

I'm really not sure what to do about this bar. It was tasty, it melted just right, but it was so un-original that I'm pretty sure it's just a carbon copy of many other bars.