E. Wedel

I have a confession to make, I did not really review this treat in the manner I was hoping to review it. This treat came to me in a bag full of other assorted E.Wedel treats. Before trying any of them, I decided that I would pick one that I would choose to review. I could have attempted to review them as a full package, but I think that would have become confusing with all the different varieties inside. I also could have reviewed each one individually, but this isn't E.Wedel Critic, it's Candy Critic, and you would have had to read about a dozen or more E.Wedel reviews back to back. I picked this particular treat from the bag because the name of it made no sense to me. The handprints on the wrapper also confused me. I decided that I would pick this treat, and not eat any of the other treats in the bag until I wrote the review.

As luck would have it, I was getting a real craving for chocolate tonight, and all I could find was this bag of E.Wedel treats. So, I grabbed a handful of chocolates, and with a little bit of a guilty conscience I munched away. While munching through some of the other treats in this bag, I thought that I would consider revising my choice and pick the treat that was the most interesting to eat instead. Then I figured, that was kind of dishonest since I had already decided to pick the Nugusek to review. However after sampling the whole bag of E.Wedel chocolate treats, I can honestly say that this one treat is both the most interesting package, interesting name, and the most interesting treat to eat.

Basically, the Nugusek is a cube of gummy (or maybe a slightly denser jelly) covered in dark chocolate. The fruit flavour of the gummy is a little hard to place, but I feel safe saying that it was probably red. The chocolate coating is a pretty big disappointment, it’s very waxy (unlike the other treats in the bag of E.Wedel treats) and it didn't melt in my mouth at all. I can't say that I liked this treat, particularly in comparison with the other treats in the bag, however I can say that it was strange enough that it was worth reviewing.