August 2023







Nutella B-Ready


I’m not sure what the “B-Ready” part of the name of this bar is supposed to mean. My best guess is that it’s saying that the Nutella is ready to eat, and that’s totally the case. I feel like the entire point of this bar is to create another way to eat Nutella, only in this case there is no preparation needed at all. One could argue that you could just eat Nutella out of the jar with a spoon, and that would “be ready” as well, but I would argue that it would involve not only finding a spoon, but cleaning it afterwards. I guess the closest thing you could compare it to in principle is those small single servings of Nutella you find in some cafeterias. The problem with those is you look pretty sad trying to lick out the last bits of Nutella out of those little plastic containers.

This bar is just an economical and civilized way to eat a lot of Nutella, and I’m okay with that. The wafers do provide a small amount of crunch, but they break down almost instantly and for the most part you’re left with a mouth full of Nutella. I can’t really complain about that, but it does seem a little simple. There’s plenty of things that you can do with Nutella, and this seems very simple, although effective.

The wafers are also not perfect. They’re a little fragile, so my bar did have a few cracks. The shape of the Nutella filled cavities and the thickness of the wafer did lead to a few exploding cubes that lead to a bit of Nutella on my fingers. It was easily fixed, but it wasn’t pretty (see licking the small individual packets of Nutella in cafeterias). The wafer also had a few flaws in it, while it didn’t affect the flavour or texture, it didn’t look spectacular.

I enjoyed this bar because I enjoy Nutella. If you enjoy Nutella and you’re looking for a quick fix then this might be a good option for you. It’s not really elegant, but it gets that job done.