Nut Rageous


Having never had one of these bars before, but being a big fan of many of the Reese treats, Nut Rageous was a nice surprise. It seemed to take some of the elements of the classic Reece candies, like the peanut butter cups, and still had some original flare. After all, if it has peanut butter, Reese tends to do it right and this particular bar is no exception.

With a strip of peanut butter, covered in caramel and peanut, surrounded by chocolate, the Nut Rageous is a great blend of flavors. The key to a bar with so many flavours is two fold. As with just about any candy bar, the quality of the ingredients is very important. Good chocolate and fresh crunchy peanuts can make a bar truly great. However, the most important part of a bar like the Nut Rageous is a good distribution and ratio of ingredients. You want each bit to taste the same, and you want each bite to have a good balance of flavours. This is something that can be challenging when you’re mixing several ingredients together. It’s not that there should be an equal amount of each ingredient either, it should be an amount that compliments each ingredient.

The beauty of this bar is the fact that there is nothing really odd or experimental about it, yet it still seems fun to eat. This bar is a classic blend of ingredients made deceptively simple.